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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Seaton Village, Toronto


Thoughts & People Along the Way


Carefully selecting the streets I take, where there’s less foot traffic, I made my way to Subuddhi’s home to pick up some donations from donors who dropped them off at her house. So, en route I came upon a woman walking her dog. What breed? I don’t know, but this guy had hair the color of ginger root.


“My dog doesn’t know social distancing,” said the woman, apologetically, as he came three inches from my knee.


“No problem!” I expressed. He was simply checking me out, innocently.


Pedestrians are everywhere and it’s their pets that force some of them to the out-of-doors which, of course, is a blessing for them.


Another dog owner, a woman, noticed me on my return journey as I was keeping my eye to the slush-driven sidewalk. She was glancing at the moon in the eastern sky. “What a beautiful moon!” She remarked to me.


“Yes, and it’s set against a gorgeous blue sky,” I responded. Really it was.


“Oh!” she continued. The sky-part just hadn’t dawned on her, or “dusked” on her because at this time it was nearing 6 p.m.


One thing is for sure, the days are lengthening and, personally, I’m fine with that. More daylight is always wanted. In fact, the sun was strong today and the snow-laden ground created a brightness in its reflection. Too much darkness is depressing. Which makes me wonder, why do so many people wear black clothes? One answer would be, “It retains bodily heat better.” Ok, on that note, then light colors should be favourable in the summer. Why not try the light and welcoming tone of a Vaishnava monk’s attire? The colour, a saffron-peachy tone, is great. However, you might have to live up to a monk’s lifestyle standards.


May the Source be with you!

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