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Twice this message was sent to me. “The longest walkable road of the world is from Capetown to Magdan (Russia). There are bridges across rivers, no boat or air journey is required. It is 22,000 km long and takes 587 days to cover for a person walking 8 hours a day. Covers 17 countries in 6 time zones and the traveler will experience all the seasons and weathers of the world in this journey.”


That is impressive if someone can do it and take to the task. Had I started my walking ventures earlier in my life (I started at 43) I could have contemplated and executed the adventure. When I think about it, some of those countries along the ribbon of road would be very interesting. The countries I have trekked through were tame and pedestrian/people friendly. I’m not sure about some of those politically hot places.


Perhaps I could consider next life for the challenge.


Recently I came upon a picture taken by Nanda Maharaj Das, from Brampton, two years ago of myself and two peers — Garuda Vahan and Gopan Ganapati. We were sitting on Gopan’s porch. He pulled out a map and a marker and asked me to draw out my route for the American walk. From Boston to San Francisco, I drew a wiggly line, some of it along the old Lincoln Highway.


When I tackled it, first in 2015, it was fun. I actually covered 14 states and had to do considerable “jumping,” finding highways running parallel because the Lincoln was non-walkable in spots. I certainly reminisce. My guess is that it was 5000+ kilometers.


May the Source be with you!

4 km


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