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Friday, February 12, 2021

Seaton Village, Toronto


Karn Gone


An American devotee from North Carolina, Karnamrita, passed away this week. He was one of our best counsellors; a sensitive person with a big heart. I would say he was a real brahmin. He was a student of Prabhupada, the founder of the Hare Krishna movement. He is survived by his devoted wife, Archana Siddhi. Here’s a poem:




Karnamrita, A man who is missed

A man who believed morals should persist

For him family was at the top of the list

A principal which in early days we’d resist


A true brahman — devotee sincere

One who wanted things to be clear

As truth will always drive away fear

This loss puts the cheek to the tear


He fought a fierce cancer combat

Now the body is a mere new stat

So many, you could shake a stick at

Resilient soul moves to a new flat


He was determined in helping the other

His was a vision for the earthly sister/brother

And Archana — the indisputable partner

A support comrade like no other


All hail to this man of power

We’ll remember him at his glorious hour

Blessings to him with plural flower

Krishna’s mercy to come like a shower

            -Bhaktimarga Swami, The Walking Monk©


May the source be with you!

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