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Friday, January 29, 2021

St. Jamestown, Toronto


Strong and Steady


Shyam was about three years old when I last saw him — fuzzy sand coloured hair, climbing the walls, trying to speak. Like most kids his age, he loved the temple on Sundays. There are all kinds of stairs, levels and everything was like a labyrinth for them. There was a lot of excitement in the air with the beating of drums as well as people dancing and singing. And the eating. He was known to snatch sweets from others’ plates.


He is now 22. He and his mum, Bhadara Kali, came down to meet me at the front of the building. No entry for them. It’s Covid time. They were all smiles and you could see this through their masks. It’s nice to see them again after so long as they moved out to the countryside, near Trenton. Their purpose in coming to the city was dental work. I was glad that they kept to Krishna after all these years.


This kind of commitment to a culture of bhakti is very admirable. I was reflecting on the steadfast nature of our two stalwart pujaris (priests) at the temple. Brahma and Sarvatanu are a couple that have regulated and centered their lives around the Krishna deity for at least three decades. They rise early every morning and arrive at 4:50 at the door to start their day and that’s before he, Brahma, goes to work. That’s dedication.


It is these types of commitments that offer some inspiration to my regular walking, even as meager as the small distance I’m doing these days.


All hail to the strong and steady.


May the source be with you!



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