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For the Family


Today is family day and it is celebrated as such in sections of the US and Canada, although not specifically on this calendar day for some locations. Fortunately, where I live, in Ontario, it falls on this day. As implied, it’s a day where family comes together. In the temple ashram, where I reside, we have ten residents but none of us are blood related. That doesn’t restrict us from carrying the spirit of a family. We are, after all, united socially and culturally under the shelter of Krishna and most of what we do we do in the consciousness of Him. I cannot say that 100% of our efforts are in full attention to the Source. That would be a lie. However, we endeavor to project all we do to his liking.


How do we know what God likes?


Those indications come from being trained by a guru. Also, much of the direction we take is from the sastra, scripture. For example, in chapter nine of The Gita, verse twenty-six, Krishna expresses his desire simply by explaining that if one offers a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water He will accept. The main ingredient to add to this list is the love, the bhakti. Nothing could be more important than that placement. It is in the gesture of kindness that the atmosphere becomes surcharged.


Some of the highlights for me on this family day was a delivery of a custom-made meal, by an admirable family, for our heart and palate, was chow mein, hummus, and a lemon/ginger drink — all homemade. When we say homemade then it qualifies as “family.”


May the source be with you!

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