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Dark Brown Chutney


Today I learned how to make tamarind chutney. It goes good as a dip for samosas or pakoras, although probably not good for monks. There’s just too much sugar in it, although jaggery is a natural sweetener.


At this time of year in India the sap comes out of date-ras trees. The substance is collected, then boiled down to a crystallin form. The weather is so perfect in India right now. Mayapura is the place, a four-hour drive from Kolkata, where the action is currently. On this day a bhakti luminary was born, Advaita Acharya, and he was a contemporary of monk Chaitanya.


I’m sure people of that era, 500 years ago, must have relished preparations made with the abovementioned hardened tree sap. Such items would be most appropriate as offerings for Krishna to become prasadam.


Now, how did I make tamarind chutney under the guidance of our cook, Dwarkanatha? Here is the procedure, without detailing the quantities:


1) A chunk of tamarind was put to soak in a bowl of water.

2) After the pulp loosens you blend this soft substance.

3) Then strain it to separate all the strings and pits.

4) Boil the substance and add generous amounts of jaggery.

5) Roast coriander seeds, then fennel, cumin and black pepper.

6) Blend the spices with water and add the mixture to the pot.

7) Salt is added.

8) Let chill.


The end product was divine.


May the Source be with you!

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