Thursday, 18 February 2021

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Seaton Village, Toronto


Sports Active


Amala Ratna is a highly devotional-type of person with a night job. She drives around from skating rink to skating rink in the downtown area for maintenance of those operations. They are all over the city and kids/adults are on a craze about gliding on ice. While walking on an average day I come upon these ice fields in parks and I’m sure, one day, I’ll have the opportunity to meet up with Amala and wish her a “Haribol!” Which means “say the name of Krishna!”


During a phone call today, I spoke with another Krishna-person from the States. He’s an old tennis pro, “Tennis,” he said “is gaining a lot of interest among the public.”


We both agreed that between tennis versus boxing one sport is truly more sattvic. Tennis is becoming popular because it’s one of the few sports where social distancing is honoured. I couldn’t agree with him more and I told him I do see enthusiasts playing in the courtyard in the dead of winter. My friend, who enjoys southern weather, is impressed.


For a brief trek at 12 noon, I teamed up with Victor. It was for the purpose of talking and walking. My mask kept me snug against the biting chill. We spoke about his skydiving experiences. Victor expressed it as being very liberating up there. He also mentioned that some people faint in the process and thus don’t have a good landing. “Media doesn’t often report the deaths from skydiving.”


“I’m glad you made it, Victor. Haribol!”


May the source be with you!

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