Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Seaton Village, Toronto

Happy As Can Be

I am taking my daily dose of herbs in powder form. Called turmeric ashwagandha, it is marketed as golden milk powder or adaptogenic elixir. This superfood is helping to build some strength but it is definitely not everything. While still waiting for a report on more blood tests, I remain faithful to the walking culture that I am so much a part of. This regimen is keeping me going.

After a heartily greet with dear friend, Kalakantha, who’s visiting us and helping in overseeing our Bhakti Academy, I decided to take a stroll up Bloor St. It’s a mere 9⁰ Celsius; warm enough for me without a jacket, especially on an east-west street where the sun rays take a laser-like presence.

I like this street. It’s ethnically or demographically quite diverse. There’s the student crowd mixed in with everyone else, even up to the Korean section. Plenty of pedestrian activity happening, all with a purpose to reach a destination of intent whether it be work, recreation or purchase – some are happy, some are just scraping by with living. It is all a play-out of karma.

With my trekking I like to think I’m slightly different. I’m human, like all of them, but I notice very few who are meditative. I have my japa beads in my right hand. They get noticed. In some way I feel I’m in with them and aloof at the same time.

The sun began to make his descent so I turned back, zig zagging my way back to the ashram, happy as can be.

May the Source be with you!



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