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Monday, October 17, 2022

Huntsville, Ontario

Charging Up Yourself

Our visiting monk (swami) from Belgium is Bhakta Prabhava Swami, and he was emphasizing at one portion of the Bhagavatam class the importance of sadhu sangha, which means to be in the right company. We all do find ourselves in the situation of the person next to you at work, school or recreation to be not always the best association, therefore downtime is needed through some moments of solitude. A second approach would be to reach out to the acquaintances that you have known to excite and enthuse you.

If I am feeling a little low in the eagerness department I will physically go, or give a call to my favorite optimist. To some degree my role as a monk or swami is to provide reassurance to others. It seems everyone needs support. So today I tried my best to offer that in four different locations.

Huntsville is two and a half hours north of Toronto and we have begun our project there on its main street. Two old movie theatres are being converted into a Govinda’s Restaurant, a temple and some residences. The generous benefactor, Lajpat and sons were there to get some of my encouragement. A number of us behind the project were there to enthuse the work contractor and his coworkers. What a group they are! What a positive attitude!

Bracebridge was a stopover place, which is in the heart of cottage country. Here we have the Patel clan, all committed to Krishna. Then Barrie and Orillia have devotees, also whom we went to see to offer a sense of spiritual encouragement. One of the families runs a convenience store and they were just thrilled that a monk would come to their shop, “To bless the place” as they put it.

May the Source be with you!

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