Wednesday 16 November 2022

Monday, November 7, 2022


Abusive / Destructive


The world recognizes abusive situation physical, sexual, psychological, etc. This poem is directed more towards abuse in the home.

Why are we so cruel to each other?

And why should anyone even bother?

The world, full of secret darkness so covert

And undeniable aggressions so overt

Unsettle all souls of tender worth

And destroy the rights of one from birth

The chronic evil of domestic violence

Is killing millions of voices now left in silence


Victims are many in and out of the home

With a strike of the fist and a kick to break a bone

Such repeated action is simply brutal rage

Inappropriate especially for a so-called sage

Or a so-called guardian, or even a parent

When in truth such a person is a natural servant

For such a noble role is one of responsibility

Meant to offer an atmosphere of safe tranquility


Righteous people stand for wholesome relations

For supportive and well-being situations

And giving affection to deserving children

Respecting women, mothers of those kinderen

For the greatest social force is in strong families

Failing this, we are left with calamities

We must condemn the act of an abusive human

Because it is the epitome of a shameful scam


Let us provide real love in its proper direction

Where there is flaw, take immediate correction

Where there are words of reason, let us listen

Where there is sweat, may it then glisten

In the glory of duty and a second chance

For we must take a fresh moral stance

Where there is muscle be it a shield

For fixing hearts needing to be healed


Let us replace cruelty with solemnity

Anger and neglect, with patience and reflect

On commitment with a capital C

And make our dependants our priority

We must bother with social change

Until unwanted violence does unhinge

And when our tolerance level reaches zero

We can then declare society a crowned hero


Our aim is to please Krishna

Good behaviour will do it

-          Composed by Bhaktimarga Swami, The Walking Monk©


May the Source be with you!



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