Friday, 4 November 2022

Friday, October 28, 2022

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Grave Mood

I’ve been catching up with old friends, getting acquainted with new people, and with trees and with rivers both of the latter being old. Trees and waterways have been around for centuries. Rivers, for instance, change their course; somewhat like the Red and the Assiniboine. The water level is rather low. Like in many North American cities, there is a homeless factor in Winnipeg. Temporary tarp structures are the houses lined up along the city rivers for a good number of people. I never saw that dynamic in my childhood, but it is common enough now in urban developments.

When it comes to the bhakti culture in Winnipeg, I think it leads the way for establishing a program for international students in the realm of devotion. I’m impressed and I’ve spent some time with those students all of whom are rather serious about some form of sadhana, which includes chanting and organizing events of a spiritual nature.

Naturally, I spoke to the students Abhi, Kaushal, Arpan, Subham and Guru Gauranga about the good fortune they are reaping and that the credit goes to our guru, Prabhupada. We were setting the tone towards appreciation of Prabhupada on this anniversary of his passing.

We carried the same grave mood at Vrnda’s when Greg, a music teacher, Daniel, another music preceptor, Emily, a yoga teacher and Justin, just retired from the army, all heard something great about Prabhupada, who changed so many lives.

May the Source be with you!



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