Friday, 4 November 2022

Thursday, October 27, 2022

St. Vital, Manitoba

Student Homes

I spent the day visiting Krishna Bhakti students at their homes. It is inspiring to see their love and commitment to Krishna, their work, their school and their parents. I also had the pleasure to walk along Red River at St. Vital Park. Lots of geese in the pond. Since arriving in Manitoba all households that I visit, they conduct a beautiful ceremony to honour Damodara (Krishna) with ghee lamps.

We were at the dawn of our guru’s anniversary of his passing. My poem, in his honour, follows. Prabhupada ki, jaya! 


Reflect Reflect


Reflect, reflect on His Divine Grace

Mirror the values he’s put into place

Set into practice what he’s left us

Deliberate on his love, then discuss

Evermore is this our obligation

Of commitment and unbroken dedication

May we shine in his powerful glow

Like the formation of crystal soft snow

Clean and clear directions he’s given

Moving us until we’re self-driven

Let us act with the same heart

With the same vision and make it our art

-          Composed by Bhaktimarga Swami, The Walking Monk©


May the Source be with you!



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