Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Halifax, Nova Scotia

What We Did in 20⁰ Celsius?

Our day started off with a trek along East River, running along New Glasgow, which happens to be a piece of the Great Trail. Ravi, Mahadev, Annapurna and I found ourselves at the downtown farmer’s market, and, like all such pooling of people, they are the most thoughtful folks around; anywhere. There we met Camilla, whom I’ve known for a good twelve years, and is a bhakti enthusiast. I also met with a local woman who came to our book launch at the library back in May, where she purchased The Saffron Path. She was quite happy to see us.

“I love your book. I read it and I now understand so much about you (the culture).”

That was nice to hear.

A second trail beckoned us to Point Pleasant Park, where the entire path took on the scent of a Christmas tree; spruce or fir. Here less damage was done to trees by the recent, infamous Hurricane Fiona. In New Glasgow we couldn’t believe how many were uprooted by that fierce wind. In any event we were united with Savyasacin and his three daughters who lost their mom to cancer this past spring.

Our final venue for today was at the “Therapeutic Approach,” on Quinpool, where yoga is taught. The place filled up fast. Attendees were on time and so were we. What can I say? The event was phenomenal and included the participation of all present in singing and dancing. It was definitely a redefinition of “Saturday Night Fever.”

May the Source be with you!



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