Friday, 4 November 2022

Thursday, October 20, 2022

243 Avenue Rd., Toronto

Moving Without Legs

I can’t report anything about foot travel today. It just didn’t happen. I can, however, say something about psychic travel for the hours on this October 20th. Apart from a fun dance and chant session our ashram-ites enjoyed in terms of body movement, I was also party to some mobility, subtle as it may have been, with human soul, mind or spirit this was a reading and discussion from the Gita. In this regard to our guru, Prabhupada, can best explaine from his illuminating purports from verse 13.22. I’ll let him do the speaking from these excerpts to do with travel through reincarnation:

“… the living entity is transmigrating from one body to another just as one changes dress. This change of dress is due to his attachment to material existence… Under the influence of material desire, the entity is born sometimes as a demigod, sometimes as a man, sometimes as a beast, as a bird, as a worm, as an aquatic, as a saintly man, as a bug.” (Oh my!)

Here’s more:

“How he is put into such different bodies is explained here. It is due to association with the different modes of nature.”

He then says, “One has to rise… above.”

I just thought it interesting that Prabhupada reiterates the point about how “want” proceeds our travel throughout this statement, “material consciousness will oblige one to transfer from one body to another because one has material desires since time immemorial.”

My conclusion is that desire is a powerful force. It brings you to places.

May the Source be with you!

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