Friday, 4 November 2022

Monday, October 24, 2022

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Fragmented Trail

I must admit that I get quite excited when I see the signage for “The Great Trail,” which flows like a ribbon throughout Canada for a length of over 20,000 km. Well, that trail runs right next to the Vedic Cultural Center, where I’m staying. My challenge is putting the dots together in terms of finding how the trail stays connected. I have just completed doing the book launch at the Mary Black Library where I told Prem that I will find my way back to the center with the hope that I could see the continuity of this path. Well, I succeeded! It’s not easy to link all the pieces together. There just isn’t enough signage.

I met Noland on the way, a young curious guy. “I don’t see monks around here very much. It’s a pleasure.” We shook hands. He mentioned that he’s trying to stay out of trouble.

“So, you mean you have been in trouble before?”

Nolan admitted to that. I invited him to our Diwali program tonight, for a spiritual experience and some blessed food. He said he would try to oblige. It turned out that he didn’t come. You can’t always get your hopes up too high, however, a fair number of people did come and I was also fortunate to keep up the biweekly Zoom call with our Gita Chat, in communication with our west coast devotees. It’s always a pleasure. As I mentioned to Nolan, “Life is great in the fast lane of spiritual life. I stepped into a monastery/ashram fifty years ago to become a monk. I never left that vocation but only put in a few walks here and there!”

May the Source be with you!

6 km


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