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Friday, November 04, 2022

Stellarton, Nova Scotia

A Bit on Foot / A Bit on Wheels

Ambarish and I took to the Chain of Lakes trail from Timberlea; a former rail and now trail path, when we came up with an idea. This particular trail connects with another one, which connects with several homeowners from our Krishna community. We are looking at relatively new subdivisions here and everyone is more or less dependent on the automobile. However, with a little bit of map exploration one could simply connect the dots and voila, now you have a new way of seeing each household on special days off or weekends. Perhaps call them Japa Walk Days. Instead of just Sunday formalities at the temple, why not enhance community interactive-ness by groups of devotees moving, in a wholesome way, through the back green trails of lakes, waterfalls and trees?

Let’s share the idea for this Halifax region. Brian Crawford, whom I have known for decades now, a retired child protection manager, took Mahadev, Annapurna and I to Stellarton, where the head-office of the Sobey’s food chain is located. It was five months since being there and we conducted an Evening of Bhakti program at Ravi Rawat’s home. We made good friends with Muriko, a yoga and martial arts instructor. He is new to the bhakti concept, which explores unconditional love for the Lord.

“Who is the Lord?” This was a question he had, along with another sincere one like, “Is Krishna superior to Shiva?”

“The Lord is He from whom everything emanates. The Source.” As for the other question, “Shiva is the manifestation of God who destroys when the world goes wrong. Krishna is the One who charms us and educates us through The Gita.”

May the Source be with you!



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