Thursday, 15 September 2022

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Queen’s Park, Toronto

Going Over

We are getting ready for the MANtra retreat. Staged in the beautiful Appalachia of West Virginia is this guy’s get-together. It’s our fifth annual and we are actually going to attend, physically, this year. Our crew from Toronto have been preparing a drama and it will become a feature for the entertainment night, which includes some chanting in the form of a killer kirtan this Saturday.

I was walking through the basement ashram corridor when Mangalananda happen to be there, looking all bright. He came in from Halifax and is also enroute to the men’s retreat. This is the case for Bader, coming from Montreal. Both of these visitors were being accommodated by Raj who is the project manager of “MANtra.” This group of three are a great team, pulling the project together.

Another of the organizers is Partha, from outside Kamloops in British Columbia, who unfortunately won’t be able to come. Passport renewals appear to be really slow in Canada. Which reminds me – I hope we have no problem at the US border. Borders have their purpose but to some degree they are often a headache; being superficial boundary lines.

I am not suggesting the two countries should merge but please, customs authorities, be a little easy on us coming over the border. We are coming over to perform a little bhakti yoga for the pleasure of our guru.

May the Source be with you!

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