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Sunday, August 28, 2022

Niagara Falls, Ontario

It’s No Wonder

It was a smooth drive with Gabriel behind the wheel from Ottawa, but looking at the rest of my day I asked myself, “When will I get the chance to put in some walking?” Before reaching ISKCON Toronto I asked Gabriel to drop me off at Bayview and Rosedale Valley Road. “I’ll complete this journey on foot.”

The trail, along a fairly busy road, is actually in a ravine with plenty of shade. Pleasant! But from where I began, I noticed the most healthy growth of poison ivy patches. I stayed on the trail and enjoyed the towering trees on both sides. But trouble began when seeing the tents of the homeless. The problem is the garbage that’s left around. Nature is usually nice and so are people. However, there is another side to both nature and humans. Let’s take note.

Also on my agenda for today, was a drive to Niagara and a presentation there, to celebrate the belated Janmastami, Krishna’s birth. This journey was an austerity. The Queen Elizabeth Way, the route to the town of the dynamic waterfalls, is somehow cursed. It has become a bumper-to-bumper culture. Very aggravating.

Peace was achieved when we finally became stationary and I spoke from the Gita, quoting six verses that address Krishna’s coming to the world — His intent, His timing, and its auspiciousness. There was shanti, calmness, in this delivery and, to some degree, that tempering contributed to keeping some peace with the horrendous traffic on our return. It’s no wonder I like walking.

May the Source be with you!

4 km


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