Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Moundsville, West Virginia


It was a drizzle of a morning but that was no roadblock for some enthusiasts to circum-ambulate the lake at New Vrindavan. There has been no conversation during the strolls around the lake, named Rada Kunda. When our mantra sessions were completed at today’s half-point, I had several devotees from various locations say that it was the first time they ever walked with a swami and just chanted those mantras. It is my hope at least some of them would return to their respective places and form japa walking groups; with or without a monk.

The last session for the weekend was a presentation by Partha on the topic of “Integrating Compassion,” done on Zoom, but fortunately the interest on the topic was maintained and followed by a breakout session in the location of our meetings – the Yoga Shala. The final kirtan called for moving and stacking chairs to allow for free space to chant and dance.

This dancing over the last three days compensated for the reduced amount of walking I’ve done. The lake is small. Overall, the experience of men bonding on a human and spiritual platform was very potent. It was interesting to see emotions projected such as when tissues came out to absorb tears over the topic of fatherhood.

One observation was that Brhat and myself were the only saffron-clad chaps at the retreat when the MANtra retreat called for all practitioners of bhakti yoga of different backgrounds. Maybe next year?

May the Source be with you!

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