Thursday, 15 September 2022

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Cobourg, Ontario

Getting Out

The women from our Bhakti Academy were squealing (and they don’t mind me using that word to describe it) as soon as the goats showed themselves from behind the pasture fence. It was an expression of ecstasy when both human and animal connected with each other. We were paying a visit to Jai Chaitanya and Rasa’s farm near Grafton. Both men and women alike enjoyed the outing, which included a ride by tractor on a wagon through the fields, petting the cows, eating a great meal over conversation and, of course, feeding the goats.

It was just great — an outdoor event – and we made it spiritual by holding kirtan on that moving wagon. At least the turkey vulture soaring up above really enjoyed, or was curious about all the excitement.

Out of the mega city we were, indeed, and on the return journey back to urban madness we stopped by at Cobourg Beach for more bonding; in a wet way no doubt. I managed to walk an early start for the return. It was my privileged time to connect with the public on the main street. Coincidentally, today was the first day of students going back to school. Some appeared elated. Some looked glum. One chipper fellow yelled out saying, “I love your outfit.” And as I was leaving I met pedestrians of various backgrounds on the street leading to super Highway 401. This gesture of meeting the people is, to me, an essential practice

May the Source be with you!

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