Thursday, 15 September 2022

Monday, August 29, 2022

Forest Hill, Toronto

Taking in a Short Stroll


The evenings appear to be the only favorable time for taking that stroll, and even then, you start sweating within ten or even five minutes of movement. It’s the moisture in the air. If someone says humidity brings about humility then I wouldn’t argue the point.

I found that at least there was a breeze where I sat, on a bench on the grounds of the Toronto City Archives. This is the time of year for heat and also dryness. In the night crickets are abound. In wet areas frogs make their presence known. A lovely skunk came nearby. It held up its tail in defense of my presence. I was fortunate not to be hit by any of those spraying creatures. Apparently, the spray released is called “thiol,” something that contains a sulfur/hydrogen bond. I’ve been lucky. The smell can be quite repulsive.

Today was the last day of Vaisesika and Nirakula’s visit. In the class Vaisesika offered some advice or direction for the temple residents to follow. These helpful guidelines are as follows:

1) Look at your ATTITUDE. I live to be corrected. I bear no grudges.

2) Work on INCREMENTAL IMPROVEMENT. Even beginning with the smallest commitment, progress can be made

3) CONTROLLING THE TONGUE. Don’t talk behind someone’s back. Also, don’t over eat.

Good concepts and practices!


May the Source be with you!

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