Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Dublin, Ohio

Embrace Encouragement

This morning a handful of Columbus congregants and I took to trekking along the Ohio River on Riverside. What was to be more of a chanting walk ended up being more of a chatting walk. The conversation hovered around the direct versus indirect sending of the message of the Gita to the world. The trail along the river, with fresh air and blue skies, made for that clear head experience and so I offered my opinion; that we need both.

Boat rowing was going on up and down the current of the Ohio as we discussed how things could go smooth in our bhakti operations. One of the topics was the position of guru in our lives as well as how prominent should be the situation of ISKCON’s founder.

It really was a lively chat.

In the afternoon Naveen and his twenty-year-old son, Narada, took us to Alum Creek Dam. It’s a popular place for trekkers. Here you can catch the great air that blows off the water. Two serious fishermen on a boat were waiting for a catch on the line at the reservoirs edge. For us it was hellos, namastes and Hare Krishna greetings to pedestrian passersby. I really appreciated father and son’s company on the two mile stretch and back.

Evening was like a weekend party. Rakesh and Sveta just moved-in to a suburban home. Call it a “housewarming.” I was greeted with wholesome avocado chunks and spiced rice. But then the real essence of the day set in with my regular Zoom class on this Tuesday night, from Canada, and a merge with seventy people dwelling on the Gita’s message of encouragement from verse 3.25 and 26. Encouragement, inclusiveness and non-judgment are all important words to behold.

May the source be with you!

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