Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Cleveland, Ohio

Great at the Lake

Kaustubha and I were ambling along at Lake Erie’s edge in Lakewood Park when one of the many, shall I say, “worshipers” of the water and sun noticed my garb. “Oh! Monk! Yeah! I agree!” As he gives me a fist pump. Perhaps to say “worshiper” was a trait bit over the top, but in reality, people from this neighborhood and the greater Cleveland area come to the spot where massive and smooth concrete blocks have been placed as if stairways for giants; some kind of grandstand for viewing the sun setting. They show up as an audience watching the slow descent of the western sun disappearing beyond the aqua colored liquid of Erie.

My first bumping friend, an Afro American, seemed to approve of Kaustubha and I being in his presence with his partner and two kids. Cell phone cameras were raised by onlookers of the sun for video or photo shots of one of the most hailed objects of the universe. When the intense sun actually vanished from sight the spectators gave an applause. Eureka!

Kaustubha mentioned that the lake is much cleaner than in the past. That’s good news. And another good piece of news for the day was the great find for me. My kind host in Columbus had packed some of that local paw-paw fruit for Kaustubha, his wife Tulsi and their son Kapila. It truly is about the best fruit one can ever consume with the mixed flavour of a mango, banana and papaya as well as a texture almost like A custard. And get this – it grows naturally in the wild. It’s definitely a fruit to be offered to the Creator. Krishna is pleased.

May the source be with you!

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