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Friday, August 26, 2022

Yonge St., Toronto

On a Podcast

Kushal Mehra is host to a regular podcast from India who found out about me as a Canadian monastic and marathon walker. It was this morning that he arranged for a recording on the Charvaka Project.

Our guru, Prabhupada, used to bring to our attention a person by the name of Charvaka Muni, whos philosophy propounded that you beg, borrow or steal ghee and enjoy life. Ghee, clarified butter, was a symbol of wealth, so the message was to be the mundane enjoyer. Nothing else matters too much. There’s no God in control. In other words, those to prescribe to this philosophy are non-believers.

In any event, Kushal was a gracious host and asked all the right things about my journey, both as a monk and how I got into pilgrimage. There was no attack on my theism. In fact, at one time during the hour and a half interview, I got into discussion on God’s presence in the heart as paramatma, supersoul, and about the soul’s transmigration. At least for me, it was a sweet dialogue.

At the end of the interview Kushal, who personally attested to the glories of walking, asked if I had a final message to deliver to the listeners. I closed with the message of service; that service is the prime activity for all humans. It is in giving that we truly enjoy life.

Kushal expressed on the show that he would surely walk some kilometers with me on his next visit to Canada.

May the Source be with you!

5 km


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