Thursday, 16 June 2022

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Together Event

Vivaan, who’s 8, the son of my hosts in Lorette, shared with me a quote he loves about the forest – “You won’t get WIFI here but you will get connected.” I like that. I think we’ve all had incredible connections with the solitude of trees all around us.

For this morning I did not have the honour to be in the midst of green giants but did have the privilege to trek on a dirt road, to see the open prairie sky with Vivaan’s grand-uncle who is seventy-years-old but his 8. This is freedom.

At 2 pm an event of a spiritual nature began at a banquet hall off of Notre Dame Ave. in Winnipeg. It was an inaugural ceremony for beautiful deities of Gaura Nitai (short for monk, Chaitanya and married saint, Nityananda). Th program involved song, dance, drama, awarding youth and feasting. I was truly surprised to see Philip, whom I hadn’t seen for thirty-nine years since his days in Toronto. He’s been residing in Winnipeg for years with his sweet wife and grown-up son who’s studying to be a lawyer. They all came for the event. Philip always had a love for Krishna Conscious philosophy and life-style. I’m so pleased to see that he still embraces it all.

Also, I was thrilled to see Daruka along with his pet parrot, Billie. They were my support team for one and a half walks across Canada. Post-pandemic brings us altogether. It is a great time of reunion and restart. Thanks, Vrnda and Visvambhar, for the happy event.

May the Source be with you!



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