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Monday, June 6, 2022


In Two Cities

I delivered a final class to the residents at Iskcon Montreal and the subject was “Observing the Good Character of King Ambarish.” He is so adored.

Ryan and I then took the Via Rail train ride to Toronto. It was his first journey on a train, which somewhat surprised me. After all, he is 35 and you would think he would, by that age, have experienced all things.

Once arriving at Iskcon Toronto, I had the pleasure to meet up with two monks from the States who have ignited the wonderful Bhakti Academy at the temple. Brhat Mrdanga and his 17-year-old monk assistant are doing an exceptional job at restoring a training initiative for young men and women. Some life has been added to the temple/ashram atmosphere; all for the best. I am so indebted to these two young men for their valuable service. We are looking at an experience for future leaders. What a need there is for such a beneficial insertion into today’s crazy world. Our plan is to duplicate this initiative into other regions of northern North America.

An excursion in the downtown put my walking partners and I in the splendid wetness of a rain shower. And while walking there is always chanting on our japa meditational beads. So, rain or shine, walking entails remembering the Creator. Soaked like anything, this evening we were not deterred from giving a final class with our west coast Vaishnavas and discussing the three levels of God realization.

May the Source be with you!

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