Friday, 10 June 2022

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Montreal, Quebec

To the Personal


People are important. I realize that people need attention and they are not getting enough of it. Genuine love, a bonding-type, is hard to come by, yet humans crave for it like anything. The people in our community, although devotional by nature, are no exception.

That’s why I spend hours each day, on a personal level, with people. I admit to not being watchful over all details of management, systems, structure and all that there is to do with governance. Others fill those gaps while I steer in the direction of spending time with people. And, of course, being a monk, I maximize the time with the guys.

A fellow in his twenties wanted to talk, another one in his forties wanted to talk, another in his sixties wanted to talk, so, I gave all the time. Where there was a need to listen, I gave. Where there was a shared dilemma, we discussed possible solutions. Where there was a weakness, I offered encouragement.

From the time given to human concern I get inspired. I was also inspired by the Montreal temple’s Open House, which is currently wide open, with covid restrictions removed and which includes a marvelous, what we used to call, Sunday Love Feast.

My talk today, to the congregation, was focused on the subject of personalism. In Chapter Twelve, verse Twenty of the Bhagavad-gita, Krishna clarifies that the approach to a personalized Deity is superior to the mayavad (impersonal) angle of transcendence. People listened well to the message.

May the Source be with you!

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