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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Annex, Toronto

What Is A Hoser?


A cool and fairly wet season either curses or blesses the region. In my maturing years, I actually don’t mind so much the more moderate temperatures with the morning hovering around fourteen degrees Celsius. I recall doing exams in high school in early June when it was hot and sweaty. In any event, it is what it is, weather-wise, and we can accept it as Krishna’s mercy.

My evening was reserved for that daily needed walk when Vallabha, Ryan and I took to Bloor St. and were lucky to meet with a light sprinkle. No one among the pedestrians seemed to mind the light shower, even those sitting at outdoor cafes. Everyone was cool and casual, not exactly demonstrating the spirit of a peaceful yogi, but there was a kind of pleasant serenity. Very welcoming. I was wishing that all folks could enjoy our walkers’ joy of ambling, chanting, chatting and laughing.

I overheard Ryan, who was quite intent on hearing his mantras, while Vallabha insisted on talking the most. At one point, one of the boys uttered the word “hoser,” which is practically the equivalent to “rascal” in Canadian parlance. It was a comedy routine by two actors from the early ’80s. If you look up the meaning of “hoser” you’ll find that it’s informal and refers to an uncultured simpleton.

Our dear Srila Prabhupada used the word rascal in terms of atheists, corporate monsters, and scientists with agendas. One can laugh at the word just like we can get a chuckle out of “hoser.” In what context my walking partners used it, I’m not sure. One thing that may be true about all of us members of Kali yuga: we are all hosers.

May the Source be with you!

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