Monday, 6 June 2022

Monday, May 30, 2022

Saint John, New Brunswick

By the Sea, by the Sea


We arrived at Irving Nature Park to meet up with Nakula, a devotee who’s very active on podcasting, with interviews from people who present the other side of perspectives; whether social, political, or spiritual. This park is complete with conifers, sweet-smelling trees, deer, squirrels, crows, and more “petit” creatures that fly. A side trail by the wayside, called Bayside, is a salt marsh with a boardwalk. Very invigorating it is. At the boardwalk’s end, Nakula and our foursome troupe took the liberty to just lay down, look at the sky and absorb the great oceanside dynamic before proceeding to a seven-kilometre hike.

At noon, we were present for our kirtan with djembe and tambourine. That excited the students from the nearby high schools. They’ve got some good dancers out there. Corporate passersby are less fluid.

At 4 pm I received a call from The Casket newspaper for a lengthy and fruitful interview. The media is taking interest in my life of walking, along with my book “The Saffron Path.”

A podcast with Nakula, always enthusiastic, brought out the best because of his questions on how Krishna Consciousness has socially contributed to the world. My answers delivered points on what our guru, Prabhupada, brought to the table – Eastern thought, clear self-identity, non-violence, plant-based eating habits, bhakti-yoga, reincarnation – a cutting edge of the mainstream culture.

At the home of Nakula’s parents, we rolled out a sangha, a chanting session, including a great eat of prasadam with our favorite New Brunswick dish – fiddleheads once again.

May the Source be with you!

7 km


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