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Friday, June 10, 2022

Christie Pits, Toronto

Spotty Green Spaces


Life in the ashram gives regular birth to a fresh challenge for a monk. This day is called Nirjal Ekadasi. “Nir” refers to “no.” “Jal” refers to “water.” On this ekadasi, reserved for a grain fast, residents have the option to abstain from eating altogether and that includes no liquid. It’s an annual happy trial.

I admit to eating and having some juice to provide some fuel. I counted giving seven classes today. I just needed the energy. Krishna will understand. I also gained some power from a one-kilometre loop through Ramsden Park.

How lusciously green it is in this park.

Later in the evening, after the seventh class, I took to Bloor Street. I walked by plenty of cafes, including one called “The Poop Café” and on that strip, which is frankly quite lively and not terribly decadent, I passed by another green space – one of the many cannabis stores. One of them (maybe all of them) has a sign which says, “Open.”

For me it’s a “no.” I abstain from that as well.

One homeless chap, who called me by name, just at a time when a motorist shouted out “Hare Rama,” wanted to talk. Of course, I’ve known this fellow for years. He told me he just lost his mom, from New Brunswick.

“What is her name?”

“Zelda,” he said.

“I will dedicate some chanting (holding out my beads) to Zelda.” He was grateful.

Then I met Brian, whom I hadn’t seen for years. “Well, I’ll be…” he said while slowing down on his bicycle. Brian was a support person for me on my first walk across Canada in 1996. We talked some, maybe two kilometres, catching up on life. Our conclusion was, “Let’s enjoy the green space left. Condos will be coming up.”

May the Source be with you!

7 km


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