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Tuesday, April 26 th , 2016

Tuesday, April 26 th , 2016

The Experts Were All Wrong

Once in a while I’m compelled to insert an article from a good old fashioned newspaper such as The Globe and Mail, especially when it has relevance to our lifestyle, and when it takes you home. The excerpt has to do with food, and food has much to do with walking, and vice versa. The article is called, “Pass the Butter, the Experts Were All Wrong” subtitle – “For Decades We’ve Been Told a Healthy Diet is a Low Fat Diet – Not So, Research Shows” by author Margaret Wente:

“When I was a kid the milkman came right to our back door. He brought us white glass bottles of rich whole milk, and thick sweet cream… That was in the 1950s. Nobody was fat, except for one lone girl at school who everybody picked on. Most kids ate like horses and were as skinny as rakes…

Then experts came along and declared that all that fat was killing us. Whole milk was banished from children’s diets so they would not develop clogged arteries and heart disease in later life…

The results were not what they had hoped. Obesity rates soared but heart disease did not subside. The biggest villain of modern diet isn’t fat, it’s sugar and carbohydrates…

There is the investigative work of journalist Mina Teicholz (author of ‘That Big Fat Surprise’ who is persona non grata among the nutrition establishment), but the establishment is still deeply embedded in the status quo. Reputations and careers are at stake; plenty of leading doctors have diet empires of their own… “

Food for deep thought – thought on how we get duped.

May the Source be with you!

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