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Wednesday, May 4 th , 2016

Wednesday, May 4 th , 2016
Toronto, Ontario

Some Thoughts

That term we sometimes use, budding artist; came as a reminder from actually seeing the spring buds on my walk this morning. It became relevant in this way. Our evening rehearsal of our drama, ‘Krishna Is…,’ revealed a star to be born.

Vicky is a fairly young guy who is shy on the stage. But with a slight twist of the arm I convinced him to give it a try and he ended up having a good presence there. A budding artist perhaps?

It was at a park that we particularly noticed a lot of bird sounds. It’s inspiring, as the vibrations are awesome - very optimistic. One sound that was a little off-track was that of a woodpecker drilling against a lamp post. It really appeared like he was ‘barking up the wrong tree.’

The above scenario reminded me of how many people put themselves at their own disadvantage, simply by not doing what they ought to. Everyone should be following their natural codes. It’s what we call dharma, but how often do we find the opposite to be true? It is like the idiom of a ‘square peg in a round hole.’

What did concern me most about any oddity or victory of the day was the news of 80,000 residents of Fort McMurray fleeing for their lives. Raging fires are consuming this Canadian city in Alberta. I’m happy to see that our temple in Edmonton is stepping up and doing something to help some of these folks who have had to abandon their homes and jobs.

I feel for them. Hare Krishna!

May the Source be with you!

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