Sunday, 20 August 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

West of Eureka, Nevada

Less Human Sightings

Curtis asked why it’s so common to see two horses, standing side-by-side, head to tail.  We see this in the countryside when we come upon a ranch—which is rare in the desert.

“From what I can see, the horses are poised to help each other by using their tails to get the flies off the other horse’s face,” I said.  “It’s a kind gesture, isn’t it?”

Curtis nodded in agreement. Yes, I’m truly gaining a greater awareness of animals. Antelope especially. And rabbits are everywhere, both dead and alive. I see, also, a more frequent appearance of scat, or dung—both fresh and dry—from coyotes. Personally, I would rather see evidence of natural death for the bunnies, over mishaps from under the wheels. For deer, I can say, without a doubt, there’s an easy two dozen bodies per day.   

In Ely, our satellite station for so many days, the deer were practically walking with me on the sidewalks of the town’s tiny business district. That was before dawn, of course.

I had to come off the highway early today, for the drive to Las Vegas, where I’ll catch the Vancouver plane early tomorrow. For a break, our crew stopped by a rest area for wrap prasadam. There we saw warning signs for rattlesnakes. I took advantage of the minutes during wrap-prep to read out loud some verses of the Gita. Here’s one.

“When a sensible person ceases to see different identities, which are due to different material bodies, he/she attains to the Brahman conception. Thus he/she sees that beings are expanded everywhere.
                                                                                            Bhagavad-gita As It Is  Chapter 13, Verse 31

May the Source be with you!
14 mi

Friday, 18 August 2017

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Eureka, Nevada


I found myself in the midst of three hundred or more motorcycles in Ely’s downtown in the morning.

“Was that you walking last night in the dark?  What were you doing?” asked one of them, referring to the trekking I did out in the desert.

I told him about pilgrimage and the value of it.  Apparently thousands of bikers are involved in a “Legacy” ride for raising money for charity.  I have, in fact, seen plenty of Harley Davidsons making their way down Hwy 50, but it’s not all just bikers who I come across.

A trucker halted his huge semi right on the road.  “Haribol,” said the trucker. “I know Krishna.  I'm from Poland.  I’ll give you a ride.”

I had to refuse, but delightedly, he and I both parted on good terms.  Truly, he had to move his vehicle.  Then a ranger stopped.  “Mountain lions and elk—that’s what you find out here.”  Indeed, the boys and I did see a majestic elk standing motionless next to the road.

I met a couple from Georgia.  They read about this U.S. walk that I'm doing in the Delta paper.  A fellow from Colorado offered water, and a couple from Utah also came to the shoulder of the road to share what H­­2­O they had.  Sally from the Bay area stopped to take a photograph and presented a donation.

A lot of interaction.  We are also now booked on Tuesday to speak at the Seniors Centre in Eureka, and the Justice of the Peace, Judge Stephen Bishop, has us up for a talk at the Lion’s Club in Ely for Wednesday.

This is all mercy!

May the Source be with you!

24 mi

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Little Antelope Summit, Nevada

I am sharing with you all, my offering of gratitude for this year to our guru, Srila Prabhupada.

Another year has passed,
A time that leapt so fast,
When services were covered,
When masters were smothered
With love and affection
For delivery of direction.
This thread of guidance
Holds and binds us
To the feet of the Lord,
Something no one can afford
For it is priceless
Being the ultimate kindness
For lifting the soul
From a deep dark hole.

Leaving the dham behind,
A new comfort to find
It was in 1965
The ocean you did survive.
On ship, with beads n’ books.
There were stares and looks
When you landed on the shore
And made that big score
In the city of fashion
Of darkness and passion.

There was snow and cold,
But you were so bold.
There was noise and heat.
You said “no” to defeat.
The place was confused,
People being used.
You offered them freedom,
A new kind of kingdom,
Where Prime Entity rules— 
Not taught in the schools.

You went from there
To destinations everywhere
Touching a morbid heart,
Giving a boost and a start
To anyone and everyone.
Some stay, some run.
Then going beyond borders
You intro’d the four orders.
You pulled in the shakers,
You drew in the makers,
And those on merchandise,
Plus those simple wise.

You tell of two Lords,
Who sing out their chords,
Who dance with such grace
Bringing awe to one’s face.
Draped in fine folds,
In blues and in golds.
They extend their arms—
A part of their charms.
Unknown by and large
The Lords make their charge
Dispatching the name
Telling us the game
To conquer the hate,
Which makes them so great.

There’s you and the two,
On the chain of but few.
You shine in an age
When rare there’s a sage.
In a world that’s so bleak,
You stand out unique.
Keep me in the crowd
Though my faults are so loud.
I beg for the chance
To make it in your dance.
“Make me dance, make me dance
Oh my Lord, make me dance.”
Giving out so much,
It’s the hearts that you touch.

Ó  Bhaktimarga Swami Aug. 16, 2017

May the Source be with you!
21 mi