Thursday, 15 August 2019

Monday, August 12th, 2019

Tottenham, Ontario

Medicine Comes From Great Sources

It was something I had never seen before.  One calf was peeing.  It was a bull calf.  A second calf came right to his underside and began drinking with great relish the pure liquid coming out.  Perhaps to calf Number Two it must have been like a smoothie.  Incidentally, a third calf was looking on.  All three were nestled together.

Vishal and Yasomati, a dynamic husband and wife team, had both been telling Gaura and I—their visitors to the farm—that the cows and bulls have a different way of urinating.  I believe they were saying that not just their breed of Indian girs but all bovine show this characteristic.  "When cows pee it comes out like a shower.  When bulls do it, it works like a tap or faucet.  It takes its time," said Vishal.

We found this extremely interesting and saw first-hand that the young bull was spontaneously demonstrating his approach.

In case we humans find the drinking of cows / bull urine to be weird, we might do a quick online look at the subject.  "Cow urine is a Divine medicine and is used for treatment of diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, heart attack, blockage in arteries, fits, cancer, AIDS, piles, prostate, arthritis, migraine, thyroid, ulcer, acidity, constipation and gynaecological problems.  It is also a bio enhancer.  Astounding!” ( )

For vegans, who will not touch cow's milk with a ten-foot pole, consider this Ayurvedic alternative, and  maybe cup your hands for the next bull or cow gush coming your way.

May the Source be with you!
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Editor’s Note:
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Sunday, August 11th, 2019

Hamilton, Ontario

I Awoke

I awoke to the sound of young coyotes howling in the morning.  To me it was a good sign that wildlife was comfortable in the suburbs of such a sprawling place as Mississauga.  David, Vivasvan, and Adisvar from Michigan, and I spent the night at the home of an outstanding couple, Dharma and Manasi.  From there we went to meet Fernando and Victor for an additional stretch on the Bruce Trail.  We anticipated a mere eight kilometres, which under normal circumstances, could take three hours on a usual and serious up and down trail.

We, however, were surprised to find flat terrain within the escarpment when we trailed through.  After a steep climb on metal stairs at Kimberly Lane, and then the usual rough stuff, the trail levelled off to be what we imagined was a former rail line.  It was a nice change.  With weather perfect at 20° C, many nature lovers were out.

At intervals, we found some nice stops overlooking Hamilton Harbour, the city below and even the Toronto skyline in the distance.  Our walking team was wrapped-up in conversation, with periods of absorption in the green around us, and with natural walls of limestone at our sides.  They were the breaks that we hoped for, whether we were from Detroit or Toronto.

Wildlife was limited within our view but signs of its presence provided the notion that we were not alone in the bush.  A skunk had done its usual territorial thing, leaving an aroma not far off from the scent of a fresh open bottle of mustard seed oil.

May the Source be with you!
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Saturday, August 10th, 2019

Toronto, Ontario

A Fun Fest

I introduced our guests, an extraordinary couple from Silicon Valley, California—Vaiseshika and Nirakula—as "The Unsinkables."  This dynamic duo are stalwarts of bhakti yoga, who come to visit Toronto every six months to enliven the community.  The emphasis of this four-day blessing was on chanting, billed as "Make Japa Great Again."

Vaiseshika had the interested recruits sit in a circle and, with chanting beads in hand, fuelled the group to a fresh approach.  Every so often he would cease the chanting and make a remark which would be instructive and in enthusing.

There was also an arrangement made, during the couple’s stay, for a sankirtan festival on the street.  This entailed greeting people, tourists and locals, and giving out literature on bhakti.  Lollipops were disbursed for youngsters, and the special place for me in all of this was the chanting party in front of the Old City Hall on Queen Street.  It's an impressive building used as a courthouse.  Anyway, justice be done.  It's amazing we have this spot.  I admit to this being a festival, a party.

Nicolas came for the first time.  An art student and model, he's finding devotional endeavours to be quite special, whether it be the singing on the street, reading, eating prasadam, hearing some philosophy and/or schmoozing with devotees.  He's young and eager to learn.

"Shall we walk it back to the ashram?"  I asked him, seeing an opportunity to get more acquainted.

“Sure!" he said, and so we made the journey home, on foot.  The way it should be.

May the Source be with you!
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