Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thursday, May 5 th , 2016

Thursday, May 5 th , 2016
Toronto, Ontario

Hint of Happiness

I took a delicious walk after which both Jonathan and I enjoyed some nutritious compressed juices.


I also set my eyes on a new book by a friend, Mohan Asthakala, AKA, Hari Mohan. It’s entitled, “The Yoga Zapper.” May I share an excerpt of this excellent read, about the hint of happiness through personal transformation for some American tourists in India?

The casualties littered the road side; huge lorries lay flipped over at depressingly
regular intervals along with broken cars and an occasional dead goat.

At night the traffic became even more hair raising making no concession to darkness,
navigated by fatalistic drivers with no fear of death. The trucks, with 6 or 8 headlights
blazing, their sides painted with fierce female divinities carrying swords and axes,
careened down dusty, country roads at break-neck speed. But the next morning, away
from the large metropolis, came scenes of great beauty; hills garlanded with
shimmering green rice fields, snow-capped mountains reflecting in their blue waters.
In the evenings, they rested in tiny villages where small wiry men of the hills returned
home from fields, their lives following the timeless, primordial cycle of seasons, rains,
and crops. Stopping in these hamlets, we sensed the simplicity of the inhabitants
lives. Despite the poverty of their possessions, they showed little anxiety. Genuine
warmth filled the evenings; villagers shared songs and what little food they had
unhesitatingly. ‘What does it take to be like them’, he wondered, ‘What makes them
happy with what they have?’

May the Source be with you!

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