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Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Thursday, May 19th, 2016
Lakewood, Ohio

Pedestrians - Yes!

The previous night's program, held at Dayal's, was devotional as usual because that's where he is at.  I thank him for all the times that he's accommodated me.

The walk today was short, sweet, and memorable.  The sun shone, the temperature perfect at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit - good for a walk.  What a break it was seeing human beings on the same street level.  I stuck to Detroit Avenue, going west.  Avadhut, a Cleveland resident was my support person, while Gopal and Arjuna have left for a weekend conference.

As traffic whoozed by I could now see people, pedestrians not bound by vehicles.  I could greet kids on their way to school, adults on their way to work.  One of those people was Bill, 63, who mixed with devotees of Krishna through the 70's.  His surname is Angel.  In many ways he is one. 

He offered pranams.  For blocks we walked, talked philosophically, and otherwise - until we reached his workplace 'John's Diner.'  I stopped-in to use the restroom.  I mentioned to Bill about the lack of response from media in Cleveland regarding the walking project.  As we entered John's work premises, a cozy, 50's style, checker-tiled-walled place with round stools at the bar; there was Bob Soltys - a photographer and writer for media.

Bob was fascinated by the pilgrimage project I was doing.  He liked the concept of the easy life of moving, a 'ramblin' rose,' a rolling stone.  Bob had an affinity for the spiritual as a balance to life.  He even said he'll pull together an article for a media outlet.

My visit to Cleveland was not in vain.  Again, this night, we held a program, a satsang, this time at the home of Avadhuta.  His very great and animated spouse, Agnihotra, put a great feast together.  Kirtan was at an optimum.

May the Source be with you!

7 miles

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