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Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
Butler, Pennsylvania

Back At It

"Where yah goin'?" asked the worker from his van, which was parked next to the road as I passed by.

"I'm going west, to San Francisco, on foot."

"Is it for a religious purpose?"

"Actually I'm encouraging pilgrimage, which refers to walking meditatively - you have God on your mind."

"I believe in that," stated the curious fellow on his work break.

Then, two young mechanics (brothers) - Mark and Junior, were on their way to work when they were puzzled to see a robed man on the side of the road.  As Mark rolled down his window in the passenger seat, Junior, the driver, came to a full stop.

"Are you really a monk?" asked Mark.


The two men hurriedly came out of their vehicle to see and talk with me on this first day in reconvening my USA walk.  The conversation went slightly crazy as the two were arguing over who the better fix-it-man was between them.  They generally held their own courtesy and shook hands with me at least eight times each.  One of them even asked for pardon when he almost breathed out the whole word, "sh_ _." After the multitude of handshakes they even ended up doing pranams (folded palms) when, at least in the beginning, they admittedly expressed never having a 'God experience.'

A state police car also pulled over and I told him I'm on my way to San Francisco.  He had nothing but kind words to say like "you are really dedicated to what you are doing."  He was not familiar with the term "Krishna."


"No!  Krishna!  You know - roots from India.  The Beatles used to sing this song?!"  With that I handed him a mantra card.  As I did he noticed my orange watch band and got a super charge from that.  He also admitted receiving one call - a concern about someone who might be a convict escapee in an orange jumpsuit.

Before nightfall my support person, Gopal, and I were hosted by Das and Vrsni of Pittsburgh.  There I gave a talk and a mantra about the glories of walking and the beauty of chanting.

May the Source be with you!

15 miles / 24 km

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