Thursday, 19 May 2016

Monday, May 9 th , 2-16

Monday, May 9 th , 2016
Moundsville, West Virginia

Start a Project Today

The president overseeing the spiritual retreat grounds here in New Vrindavan is Jaya Krishna, who hails from Switzerland. He announced to the attendees that today is akshaya dristi, which according to the Vedic calendar is a good day to start a project. Jaya Krishna himself had planned it was the day he was moving his family into a new apartment. I guess he took advantage of the auspicious time.

I was also called into a meeting where a few of us began thoughts which were actually preparations for next year’s Festival of Inspiration, brain storming, or brahmin storming, you might call it. Seeing that Sunday night marked the end of the Festival of Inspiration for 2016, we ended up deliberating or assessing the program that was completed. And so the project for next year is already underway merely by talking about it.

Lastly, I had been rather up-in- the-air about my walking project since my anticipated support person from Florida just didn’t show up. I had mentioned to the Palace of Gold coordinator about my dilemma, and with a keen interest to help, he made a few phone calls, and voila! A new arrangement was in the making. With further assistance of Jaya Krishna, I was introduced to a 32 year old Gopal, who has that outgoing nature. He’s smart and enthusiastic.

“Here’s your new man, and we will provide you with the use of our van,” said Jaya Krishna.

“Bless you, Prabhus (guys).”

I would have Gopal’s assistance for the next 10 days along with the vehicle. At least it’s a good start, and today was the day to pull plans together. We would leave for our destination to begin the first day’s walk  – a walk that would take me across America.

May the Source be with you!

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