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Friday, May 20th, 2016

Friday, May 20th, 2016
Rocky River, Ohio

Detroit Rd by Erie

Detroit Rd appears to go on forever, beginning from the downtown of Cleveland.  It is a rather straight route and runs parallel to Lake Erie.  There are a few bends to the road which always make a break from monotony.

Gone are pedestrians and motorist have taken-over, in this foresty, residential haven.  Dear to all motorists are good roads.  Road improvement people populate the road and it is they who nod in greeting.  Their showing this acceptance of me compensates for the lack of people walking.

A pilgrim, however, must be satisfied with whatever comes head on.  If people are not on the sidewalk, then branches and roots of trees make themselves welcome.  I do feel their presence.  They are above me as branches.  They are below me as feet (roots).  And, like people, they throw off their smells.  'Fragrant' is the word.

Second to them are the birds in flight.  A robin took a fierce beak-dart at a black-bird.  Yes, territory means everything to them.  Likely those baby-blue robins' eggs drew the attention of the black-bird.  When do we not view or experience defense?

For myself, I have little to defend while I am moving through perfect weather.  I'm sandaled and sock-less.  No hat.  Not coat.  It's a short one (walk) today, again.  It's a six miles.

Our guru Srila Prabhupada, used to say "little drops wear away the stone."

May the Source be with you!

6 miles

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