Thursday, 5 May 2016

Tuesday, May 3 rd , 2016

Tuesday, May 3 rd , 2016
Toronto, Ontario

The Path

I often tell people that they should explore their own city and that if you want to know the land you must walk it.

I then had to think, “Do I know my own turf?”  It surprised me when I came upon the PATH, an underground walkway leading to the world’s largest world of shopping and thruway. It’s seventeen miles of this and it’s called a marvel of subterranean engineering. The reason for this to exist has to do with the quality of soil. The rock floor that gets removed to create the PATH is something called, simply, till.

To me it was quite the discovery and it could be a great break for when the weather becomes icy and messy on a winters day. I do admit a slight claustrophobic feel. The air quality isn’t what you get outside, but I do like the fact that there is no hindrance by automobiles, no street lights and stinky garbage trucks. You can just zip right along on your feet.

Anyway there we were - Jonathan, Durjoy, and myself - breezing through the maze. The only minor hurdles are the push-bar doors that you come upon occasionally. The population of this underground is about the same as above-ground. As soon as we took that escalator to take us to the street level we felt the same density of corporate/shopper pedestrians.

To top off our experience, I met Billy James singing and strumming on guitar. Billy, with a golden voice, I‘ve known for years and now I found him singin’ away in the netherworlds, nay, the underground Path. I asked him for a request, “Please sing George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’ You know, it’s got the chanting in it!"

We had to run/walk. I hope he got to it after we left him.

May the Source be with you!

6 km

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