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Friday, April 30th, 2016

Friday, April 30th, 2016
Bracebridge, Ontario

25 Years of Together

It was when I was a young teen, one Saturday afternoon, while I was sharing the washroom with my dad. He was shaving and I was taking my bath in the tub. A conversation began that he started. I don’t recall all of the contents, but I do remember how he said, “Don’t get married, John,” (referring to me).

He did not give an explanation to the remark as to why, when I grew to maturity, that this would be my best course. I did not respond. I do remember internally, however, being somewhat surprised by what seemed like an ‘out of the blue’ comment. Somehow I accepted the advice and responded within with an, “Alright.”

The above small tale of truths I conveyed to a wedding anniversary crowd. The lucky and happy couple of 25 years of togetherness is comprised of Rajasuya and Surabhi. Their two sons, whom I addressed in the crowd as princess due to their spiffy attire, were also there engaged in the celebration. The anniversary included a renewing of vows.

So, here we are – a couple of the tightly-bound kind juxtaposed against a lifelong monk, but we work well together. Rajasuya does my secretarial work, shared by a dedicated person from Vancouver, Nitai Priya by name. Surabhi helps me with donations in the matter of keeping expenditure receipts together. In this way we are serving together in the mission that promotes higher consciousness.

May the Source be with you!

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