Thursday, 19 May 2016

Friday, May 6 th , 2016

Friday, May 6 th , 2016
Moundsville, West Virginia

When I arrived at this country retreat, a good 600 km from Toronto, I was asked one usual question, “Did you walk here?”

To which I reply, “I wish.”

In truth, I piled into a van with other, what I consider, pilgrims, and made the not so long ride through great countryside. I would think that anyone who makes the endeavour to leave the concrete machine for a little green-time and space is headed for a healing. Here, in New Vrindavan, West Virginia, the healing also has much to do with hearing.

As shastra (scripture) states, “The sacred place has a primary purpose for being a place to learn – to hear.”

To hear about what?

About the Absolute.

Here you can admire the Appalachian world of mountains, trees, and other greenery. And, oh yes, there are those albino deer around here. They are completely white. This is the property site of New Vrindavan, which is an animal cruelty free zone. Deer love it here.

So do the pilgrims who came from Detroit, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and even Canada, like us.

Our group was comprised of four vanloads of the members of our troupe – set for a performance of the drama, “Krishna Is”. We are set for a weekend of practice and fun for our unique presentation to honour Mothers’s Day.

May the Source be with you!

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