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Sunday, May 8 th , 2016

Sunday, May 8 th , 2016
Moundsville, West Virginia

Walking with the Spirit

There was not sufficient time to trek down to the creek this morning. I asked some locals as to the creek’s name, but I met with the answer, “Just a creek.”


This morning’s walking allotment of time was shifted to drama practice. The performance went very well; quite appreciated by all. The lodge was the venue for our performance of “Krishna Is…” The crowd became wet with tears. It was the two scenes of Krishna’s interaction with His gopi friends and His communication with schoolmate, Sudhama, which struck hearts.

With the lapse of time in the day I found I could contemplate for the missing chance to trek a bit. Headed towards Moundsville via the local McCreary’s Ridge Road, I was lucky to meet Ananda Vidya, who enjoys the service of milking the community’s six cows. The local teens had gathered in Ananda’s home. One of them came out to greet me. I invited him for a trek.

“You don’t mind walking with a monk, do you?” I asked.


“Bring the rest.” So they came. We had a great trek. It ended up being more of an herbal walk, I would identify plants and explain their medicinal properties. The group was quite surprised at the discovery of the green opulence in their neighbourhood. As everyone knows, when you are an adolescent, you may lack appreciation for your surroundings. As expressed by one young woman I met in BC sometime back, about her hometown, “This place sucks.” I was getting the feeling that that’s what these young folks were thinking about their place of habitat. By the time we finished having a candid look at the horticultural quality of the hills of West Virginia, the appreciation for the place went up a few notches for them.

Walking in the spirit of wonder, adventure and gratitude, is like a walk through the spiritual world.

May the Source be with you!

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