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Monday, May 2 nd , 2016

Monday, May 2 nd , 2016
Toronto, Ontario

Full Day

It was a full day of service - devotional service. The clock struck at 10 pm and I suddenly realized that I devoted no time to walking. By now I should be asleep, but no, I have yet to walk.

Balaram, who was sitting at the front steps, at his cell phone, noticed me making my way for that important daily mission.

“At this hour?”

“Yes, there was not the opportunity earlier, so now I’m off!”

I went south, towards Queen’s Park where big decisions are made for provincial matters. I paced by the hospital district and by the building where Dr Fleming discovered penicillin. I headed west on Wellesly and then to Yonge St, the street that becomes the runway for the three chariot festival every year. On Yonge there is also the Gay Pride Parade, and from Yonge I make my turn onto Bloor – where the St Patrick Parade takes place.

At Yonge & Bloor a woman crossed and offered her pranams upon seeing me. Nods and smiles from pedestrians continued to come my way which to me is an indication that life isn’t totally dissatisfying for people even for a Monday night. I like the fact that I can walk the street in safety and see some signs of life amongst the humans.

There appear to be people prowling, strolling, or pacing with great purpose. Few, I assume carry the pilgrim’s mind. It’s an observation and not a judgement because all the folks out here are actually spirits. They (we) are currently wanderers in the wilderness.

May the Source be with you!

4 km

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