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Monday, April 25th, 2016

Monday, April 25th, 2016
Calgary, Alberta

Two Guys and the Worms

On the Greenway Trail we did tread, but in some spots it was more like a hop. With fresh spring rain that had come, earthworms were appearing out of their hiding; they tried their very best to make the crossing over the pavement. They just don’t always make it across, however. The obstruction for them is human trampling. I don’t believe it’s totally intentional for us to squish these guys, they are a little hard to spot as they crawl along at snail’s pace. One might be careful not to accidentally split one in half. Contrary to popular belief, when a worm is cut, the two parts don’t necessarily continue on living as two worms, only one part survives. In any event, Gaura Chandra, Radha Madhava, and I, were prudent and danced around the humble creatures.

It was day number two for speaking at RMCA in the Bridgetown area. There I met Griffin, who is from Austin, Texas. He uses his feet, since he is a runner, and he is making his way to Vancouver (not by running) to participate in a marathon run when he reaches his destination. I was impressed to see him with a bead bag containing his meditation beads. Chanting and running are important to him.

After our morning walk, I also had the pleasure to meet Curtis, a local chap, a yoga student, an athlete. We met at Gaura Chandra’s home. This guy is quite sattvic, thoughtful, polite – rare in today’s world. Curtis is a bare-footer, he gets around with his feet in the raw. I caught a glimpse of his soles, they looked pretty red and healthy. Curtis really enjoyed the kirtan we had in the living room.

To Griffin, Curtis, and the earthworms, I wish you the very best.

May the Source be with you!

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