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Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016
Flacq, Mauritius

Being Out

When Krishna was a child He was close to the animals, plants, the hills and low-land, the forest, and clear fields.  He was very much for the out-of-doors, perhaps making a strong endorsement towards this kind of life.  

He was given responsibility at the earlier phase of His life.  Call it chores if you want.  He, amongst His buddies, herded cows.  There was lots of time for carefreeness.  He had space to run in, and a home to love in.  Nanda and Yasoda were foster parents.  The parents of His birth were held in prison and in hiding for quite the time.

Aindra, Dinanath, Kala, and I walked through the sugar cane fields again.  We reflected on our own lives as being rather rural.  In this way we shared a commonality amongst ourselves and even with Krishna Himself.

On this great day I spoke to a full capacity group on 3 occasions.  The first venue called for speaking about being a serious member of the Krishna family, Iskcon, and how good behaviour meant a lot.  Our talk was aimed, more so, to the four new initiates – four women; Saguna, Nama Chintamani, Divya Jnana Shakti, and Anasuya.  Also, two men and another female received 2nd initiation.  The latter were Dinanatha, Vadevyasa and Damayanti.

My second talk was to the Bon Acceuil community, where I took the opportunity to share details of last fall's BostonButler – NYC walk.  This was to encourage outside activities. 

Finally, at the home of my host, Amar, one hundred guests came to hear of Krishna as a youngster addressing a serpent, formally a demigod.  Here again, we shared the notion that clean activities with people in nature was the way to put balance in life.

May the source be with you!

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