Sunday, 24 April 2016

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

Third Day on Ram

Above me, periodically, a single bird, a couple, or a flock, would fly overhead – geese, hawks, ducks, a pink gull. Wait a minute!  A pink gull?  Yes!  The sun had just about risen and that magic colour that emanates from it reflected on the gull’s white down. 

I had swirled around to the streets at Willow Grove neighbourhood.  I practically got lost.  My bearings misplaced in the process of walking.  Maybe I was looking at the birds too much.  It was great, though, I tallied 10 km.  I tagged on another kilometre when Kasyap went to fill up on gas on the way to Regina via the Louis Riel Trail/Highway 11.  I put on yet another kilometre when walking with priest, Vijay Krishna, in the area of Regina where First Nations people live.  “That’s more like it,” I thought, “12 kilometres in one day.”  But, it is merely a warm up for the big trek to come in the USNew York City to San Francisco.

This evening I had read a section from the Ramayan to a Sunday gathering in Regina where Ram-Nauvami is being celebrated today.  Author, Krishna Dharma, has done a splendid job on its translation into English.  Everyone was tuned-in to the story of Ram being put into exile, and the citizens of Ayodhya, who, out of profound love for their leader, followed Him; camping out and lying on the direct ground in an attempt to sleep.

One person listening to the reading asked a question, “Why were Ram and Sita separated a second time?”

“Because the first one worked.”  (Laughter). 

What I explained to the gentleman was that the absence of a loved one intensifies the love.  I then asked him a personal question, “Are you single or married?”


“Is your wife with us here today?”

“No, she’s in India.”

“Do you miss her?”

“Very much!” (Laughter).

“You get the point, then?”


May the Source be with you!

12 km

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