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Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016                         
Toronto, Ontario

Surya is From Siberia                      

Surya is from Siberia and he totally understands winter dynamics.  So I took him along down to the ravine where trudging through snow is a fun reality.  Your pace is slowed down somewhat and the calves of your legs strain a bit more than usual.  It's all okay because the snow is bright and today brighter still, from the sun's powerful presence.

Surya and I did minimal talking, but lips did move as we made our daily commitment to chanting with the aid of our beads.  It is a personal and perhaps private engagement with the sacred power that exists within and without us.  Shastra, the sacred Vedic texts, reveal to us that there is a holy presence of Krishna as paramatma in the heart, while another aspect of His divinity is present in the elements.

I do not find it difficult to perceive the sacredness in this environment, where the crisp and the clean of all the naturalness on the trail cannot conceal itself, even if it tried.  This place, where we tread, is a real escape from urban madness.  Both Surya and I felt at peace.

The only annoyance was the cell phone in my pocket, as it would vibrate and light up at times. It's understandable.  In a matter of minutes I'll leave for India.  Yes, it's hours away before the doors open at the Kolkata Airport to the musty airs.  There’ll be no more snow but for brisk air, for the first few days in February, there will still be an evening coolness.  And there, in Mayapur, we will dance up a storm in the temples of delight.

May the Source be with you!

7 Km

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