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Saturday, March 19th, 2016

Saturday, March 19th, 2016                          
Pune, India

Another Ashram                                

We have a second ashram in Pune, or rather the first.  Before the large ashram opened in Katraj, the humble beginnings of Krishna Consciousness were initiated at Pune Camp.  That’s where I was driven to at 4AM.  In a tight space I was expected to lead the morning kirtans and give the class based on the Bhagavtam, Canto 4.  It was later on, that the main leader for the area, Radhe Shyam, expressed what he got out of the talk.

“I liked your bear story, when you were on your walk.  Secondly, I liked the point about empathic listening, and lastly the point about getting to the essence of a story and not being logged down by details.”  I was honoured to get complements from him.

At the university grounds, Bharati Vidya Pith, our group of volunteer actors did check out three important components to a venue: performance space, sound, and lights.  We also took advantage of a technical run-through.  Though the lights weren’t quite ready for us, nor the sound, we did have the carpets laid out for us over the stage for the rehearsal.  Hence, the foundation was there.  It went well.  We’ve come a long way from our first get-together with our volunteer group.  Apart from our two entertainers from Canada-- Balarama and Corrado-- Krishna gave the challenge of sending us computer people with little experience.

When there was a break I was asked how marathon waling is possible.

“Are you thinking about walking India one day?”

My usual answer to this question, which does arise, is, “I wish I could do something about the traffic and the heat, but I know I’ll get fed wherever I go.”

To that I get a laugh and a head waggle.

May the Source be with you!

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