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Thursday, March, 24th, 2016

Thursday, March, 24th, 2016
Durban, South Africa


You are taking a little bit of chance walking anywhere near or in the downtown of Durban at night, but I was near the weekend, security patrolled, marquis where we had our drama practice.  I needed some solo time, a few minutes to chill before Tamohar, my driver, would pick me up to take me back home.  He made sure I wouldn’t walk through the seediest part of town.  The short strip I did trek was odd.  It was not too late, just after 9.30.  It’s hard to imagine any foul play when there is no one on the street to do anything.

When Tamohar did eventfully stop for taking me off the street, I asked him, “Would Nelson Mandela be happy with the way things turned out in Africa?”

Tamohar, being a South Africa, gave his honest opinion, “No, he wouldn't be happy.  Mandela worked hard for freedom, for a world that would honour fairness.”  To take a quote from Mandela himself in this regard, “Another important building block for new democracy is the love and goodwill we show to each other.  That is the spirit of Masakhan, of bringing one another together.”

The vision of our guru, Srila Prabhupada, similarly amplified “Togetherness.”  Merely through the practice of sankirtan we can achieve a likeness of unity – unity and diversity.

South Africa is a great venue for experiencing the universal motion of singing and dancing for the races of all souls.

May the source be with you!


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