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Friday, March 11th, 2016

Friday, March 11th, 2016
Kolkata, India

The Right Look At Technology

Mukunda Goswami is author of several books.  He is a monk and a fine devotee and human being.  He recently came out with the book, “Spirit Matters,” a collection of articles he wrote for the Hindustan Times.  I chose to pull out an excerpt from one of his articles pertinent to walking and the reasons for doing so (I can’t take much credit for walking these last few days due to tough circumstances including some illness).

From May 27th, 2003:

Driving Toward Liberation or Hell, Our Choice

Everyday about 3,000 people every day die from auto mishaps.  Reckless and drunken driving, speeding, and distraction, greatly exacerbate this unfortunate phenomenon of our times […]

In Bangkok, congestion on roads is so great that many people dress and feed their children on the way to work while riding in their cars […]

Cars, the machines Americans invented and mass produced in the early 20th century replaced horse drawn carriages, but almost immediately they needed new roads.  Then exhaust and the resultant air pollution became a problem.  Costs to create and purchase devices to limit atmospheric contamination became a problem.  Skyrocketing petrol prices became a problem.

Because we’re bedazzled by the speed and privacy cards afford, the sense of power of being in the driver’s seat and all the other benefits to which we’re addicted, these problems seem inconsequential […]

Autos have become a symbol of affluence.  Without them, one can more easily transcend the wide spread conditioning that tells us materially privileged circumstances are ends in themselves.  Even for holistic health reasons, some car owners now prefer walking, cycling, and public transport. But the Gita, 6.1, also asserts that “One who lights no fire and performs no work is not necessarily a true mystic.”  This forecasts action and utilization of technology.

Cars can be meditation chambers or prison cells.  We can use them to expand our spirituality or to watch ourselves pile up in hell.

May the Source be with you!

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